Quotes from Employees

I have been in Orascom Development for 2 years. Passionate and proud of all the group achievements. Looking to contribute to greater ones. 


Nermine Faltas

Group Chief HR and Organization Development Officer

The idea of working for a Town Developer like Orascom Development, that started creating towns 30 years ago living and realizing its achievements whether locally or internationally, makes you step forward into growth. 

Sherif Hamza

Sales Director

At Orascom Development, there is a high level of exposure to various markets both locally and internationally, across a multitude of sectors. We are continually challenged to develop and grow professionally. OD carries a sense of community where all members of the team work cohesively to drive their mission forward and maintain their identity and placement as a highly prestigious and accomplished company.

Ahmed Aboul Yazid

Investment and Business Development Manager

It’s an environment that not only builds a character, it builds your vision along with your passion that keeps you moving forward in every step you take towards growth. 

Heba Wahdan

Senior Sales Manager

It is a great privilege to work for Orascom group, as being part of the winning team; you experience new successes every day and leave your personal footprint on the company’s successful endeavor internationally and across diversified business arenas.

George Atef

Vice President of Corporate IT

When looking for a job many search for financials, career path or company name.
Actually all are important, but what matters the most is how I feel about my job
What matters the most is to go the office with passion and enthusiasm and this is the key to success
Orascom gives me this, it gives me the sense of ownership and loyalty. Nothing is as important as to feel appreciated and nothing is more encouraging and motivating than seeing your hard work and effort being reflected into beautiful towns and projects that makes people’s lives better.

Mohamed Ossama

Sales Manager

Right from the first day I started working at Orascom Development, I couldn’t help but notice how friendly the working environment is. Everyone was supportive and welcoming. I was also provided with the support I needed and I felt comfortable asking about anything. I was particularly pleased to find out about the diversity of the tasks that I was going to perform. This reassured me that I won’t get bored of the job and that I will get exposed to various things thus maximizing the amount of experience I get.

Ingy El Gabry

HR Coordinator

A proactive and self motivated person with a good working enviornment such as Orascom Development can easily become successful, and that 's why I've chosen to become an employee of this company. I'm looking forward to being part of the company's  prominent success.

Fady Mofdy

Sales Operations Executive

Although it's not advisable to stay at the same company for a long time like I did, I can't get myself to leave knowing that I won't find what I have here elsewhere. What distinguishes Orascom Development is the teamwork, collaboration, passion and the sense of belonging that I won't find elsewhere. Orascom Development is more than a workplace, it's a one big family.

Poula Boules

Assistant IT Manager